Is Mumbai a safe city for Tourists

Do you want to visit India and want to be safe, we cover for you some interesting places in Mumbai to visit.

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If you coming on Indian Tourist Visa we cover for you safe places to visit Mumbai.

Mumbai is one of India’s biggest metropolitan cities that is made up of multitudes. Like all metropolises Mumbai is the site of confluence of cultures and peoples from all walks of life. Known as the city of dreams where people go with big aspirations and hopes, it is as much a city that tells stories of rags to riches as it does of poverty and squalor. But besides all of that it is also a city rich in its own culture, both Marathi as well as one made up of the traces left of the Bombay of the colonial era. Most of all, it is a city associated with art, film, theatre, music, and dance, and is also one of the most cosmopolitan cities of India. It is thus one of the most fascinating cities to explore in India. Here is a guide for exploring Mumbai for tourists visiting India.


Marine Drive

Indian Visa Online MARINE DRIVE

One of the most popular spots in Mumbai, Marine Drive is a boulevard wrapped around South Mumbai’s coast along the Arabian Sea. It starts at the southern end of Nariman Point and ends at Chowpatty Beach. It’s one of the quintessential places associated with Mumbai which would first come to anyone’s mind when thinking of the city. A short leisurely stroll along the Drive or watching the sun rise or set from here, it’s a perfect place for both of those things. At night the whole place is lit up in such a way that it looks like a glittering necklace on a woman’s neck which is why it is also known by the name ‘Queen’s Necklace’. Walking along the sea at early morning or night here is quite an otherworldly experience.


Gateway of India

Indian Visa Online GATEWAY OF INDIA

Another popular tourist destination in Mumbai, the Gateway of India, overlooking the Arabian Sea, was built in 1924 by the famous British architect George Wittet in order to commemorate King George V and Queen Mary’s visit to Mumbai in December 1911. Its architecture combines Indian, Arabian, and Western influences but it’s one of the clearest remnants of the colonial era in India. It’s also known as Mumbai’s Taj Mahal for its stunning architecture. The name Gateway of India also has historical significance as the arch structure formed the gateway through which entry and exit to and from India was given to passengers coming or going through the waterway. After enjoying the view at the Gateway you can also take a ferry ride in the Sea and perhaps go to the Elephanta Caves in it.


Elephanta Caves

Indian Visa Online ELEPHANTA CAVES

 These medieval caves are located in Gharapuri Island, 11 km away from Mumbai, but you can’t visit Mumbai and not take a ferry to visit these caves. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, these are ancient cave temples from 5th to 7th centuries that contain ruins of painted artworks with motifs dedicated to Lord Shiva. But apart from 5 Hindu caves, which contain Shaivite stone sculptures, there are also 2 Buddhist caves. Historians do not agree upon which dynasty was ruling when the caves were built and some legends attribute the construction to gods themselves. It is known, however, that it was the Portuguese in 1534 who renamed it Elephanta Island for the statue of an elephant near the caves. The best time to visit the caves is during the winter from November to February.


Colaba Causeway

Indian Visa Online COLABA CAUSEWAY

Colaba is probably the liveliest place in Mumbai. It is the biggest shopping center in Mumbai filled with shops that sell everything from designer items to things that you can bargain for. Clothes, accessories, home décor items, antiques and curios, it’s got it all. There are restaurants and bars as well where you can get some of the best and affordable food and drinks in Mumbai. Apart from designer boutiques and street vendors all over the place there are also such places as the Regal Cinema which is a movie theatre with the old world charm all about it. Right behind the Cinema is the Gateway of India so you can plan visits to two places together.


National Gallery of Modern Art


If you want a little taste of art and culture in Mumbai then you should definitely visit this gallery which features quite a stunning collection of paintings, sculptures, and artifacts. It contains the works of some of the most famous artists of the world, including M.F. Hussain, F.N. Souza, Amrita Shergil, Gaganendranath Tagore, and even Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest painters the world has ever seen. There are even statues and mummies from Egypt and some of the oldest artworks of Indian artists. There are also exhibitions occasionally. It’s definitely worth a visit while you explore Mumbai on your holiday in India.


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